Blue Vibox Case

Build Process

At Vibox, we build every PC to order. This means our customers have full customisation over every aspect of their systems.

Of course, that means there are a few stages your PC needs to go through before we clear it for dispatch. We promise it will be worth the wait


Stage 1 Picking

Let's begin at the beginning - if we're going to build a PC, we're going to need some parts.

Once your order lands on our system, our warehouse team will review the specification, pick your components and put them into the build queue (don't worry, we try to keep this as short as possible!)


Stage 2 Building

Every PC starts its life as a box of components. That's where our builders step in

Once your order arrives at the front of the queue, it will be assigned to one of our fully-trained technicians, who will carefully assemble your new rig.

A full professional cable-management service is included with every order, so your PC will look as good on the inside as it does on the outside.

Quality Control

Stage 3 Quality Control

When your PC is built, it's passed on to one of our senior technicians for a full quality control check.

The QC stage is usually the quickest (we aim to get things right the first time!), but that doesn't mean we take it lightly.

Each PC goes through a 50-point checklist to make sure everything is perfect, covering the aesthetics (cable management, LEDs, presentation) and the build quality.

This procedure allows us to confirm that everything is built correctly and to a high standard, before the PC is even switched on.


Stage 4 Testing

As frustrating as it may be, even the most high-end components can have issues out of the box. That's why as soon as your computer clears the QC stage, it's taken to a testing bay, where one of our testing engineers runs a full stress test on the system.

A stress test pushes each component to the max and makes sure it's performing the way we expect. If we suspect any of the components aren't working as well as they should, we immediately swap them out for brand new replacements and start the tests again.

If your PC has an overclock, this is where it's applied. Our engineers will carefully push your PC's performance and run further tests to make sure everything is stable.

If you've purchased Windows with your PC, we'll do a full clean install (with drivers) at the end of the testing phase so you can just plug and play.

This stage tends to be the longest, as we want to be 100% certain that your PC is fully-functional and ready to go. We promise it's worth the wait.


Stage 5 Dispatch

It's been picked. It's been built. It's been checked and it's been tested. It's time to get it out to you.

We use bespoke packaging for every PC, specially designed to fit the case you've chosen. We then double down on the packaging (better to be safe than sorry!) and add any discs, cables, freebies and accessories you may have on your order.

From then on, we put your new system in the careful hands of our couriers, (DPD in the UK, DPD or FedEx across Europe), and send you a tracking number to the email address you've provided us with.


Stage 6 Delivery

On the morning of delivery, you'll receive an email and a text from the courier with an estimated delivery time.

If you're in the UK, you can take advantage of DPD's Predict Service, which allows you to follow your driver's progress on your PC or smartphone, with live-updates so you know exactly when to expect your new machine.

Setting Up

Once you unpack your system, we recommend having a look at our Set-Up Guide for instructions on how to get things up and running, advice on the best software we recommend on your system, and tips for getting the most out of your PC.

We'd love to tell you that you'll never have any issues with your system - but anyone who's ever used a PC knows that this sadly isn't something we can promise. Even the best PCs can develop faults or take a knock in transit. While these cases are in the minority, it's something we're committed to getting resolved. If you're not 100% satisfied with your system, or if you need any support, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We're very proud of our customer service, and we're confident we'll be able to resolve whatever issues you may have.

Of course if you believe your problem is a relatively common or simple one, feel free to check out our FAQs page for more support.