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AMD Update Their Never Settle Games Package With Gold, Silver and Bronze Tiers

Posted on August 14, 2013 by Sean There have been 0 comments

It looks like AMD are changing the way their amazing Never Settle deal works by introducing a new three tiered structure. The Bronze, Silver and Gold levels offer customers a choice of one, two or three games from the “Never Settle Forever” selection of games, depending on which graphics card you purchase from their range.

The Bronze tier will cover the HD7770 and HD7790 graphics cards, allowing you to select one game.

The Silver tier will cover the HD7800 series cards, and allow you to select two games.

The Gold tier will cover the HD7950 and HD7970 graphics cards, and give you a choice of three games from the package.

There is no word on what will be available with the HD7990.

There are currently no news on what games or how many will be included in the “Never Settle Forever” package, but we’re hoping Battlefield 4 will be amongst them.


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