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Funny Game Cutscenes - The Best And Worst

Posted on May 9, 2013 by Sean There have been 0 comments

They don't make them like they used to, do they? If, like me, you used to play the bejesus out of those Official Playstation Magazine demo disks back in the early 00's then listen up. A lot of those games you never actually bought the full copy of, so they aren't firmly embedded in your memory. Now and then you'll hear a name or a piece of music, and you're instantly transported back in time.

That's what happened to me.

I started to look around Youtube a few weeks ago and instantly started to unearth some old classics, it really put a smile on my face. Medievil, Rosco McQueen, Firefighter Extreme, Felony 11-79, Cool Boarders and all those awesome Net Yaroze games (I always wanted one of those Black PSX consoles) Remember Terra Incognita?

So then I remembered the intro to the original Resident Evil, a game with some of the worst voice acting I have ever experienced. At the time it was INSANELY good. In hindsight, it was terrible. I watched this the other day for the first time in years and I actually cried laughing.

Awesome huh? Remember the cut scene where you first encounter the Hunter? One of the most underpants soiling moments of my childhood:

Then I remembered Escape: Or Die Trying, a game I didn't really play much of, but this one scene remained saved in my memory vault some reason. I mean, this plot must have taken precisely thirty seconds to think up and write down. When coupled with the drab voice acting, makes for an entertaining watch. This, in my opinion, is actually one of the greatest moments in video game cut scene history.

And finally, the intro to Road Rash. Music by Soundgarden, superbikes, high speed chases, stunts and hotties. It is, without fear of contradiction, THE coolest intro to a game, EVER MADE.

Have a look around on Youtube. There are plenty of video's based on the old PSX demo disks.

What games did you grow up playing? What games make you sit back in your chair and stare into space with a goofy smile on your face? Get yourself a gaming PC, an emulator and get playing!

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