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Nvidia Slam PS4, But Is Power Everything?

Posted on March 22, 2013 by VIbox There have been 0 comments

Seemingly the next generation of consoles drove slowly past Nvidia’s house with an inquisitive gaze in their general direction, and Nvidia told them all to clear off, presumably with the exasperated frustration of a man telling the neighbourhood kids to stop playing on his lawn. Seemingly they’ve all ended up at AMD’s place, at what must be the most awkward house party ever. That’s certainly not all though as NVidia have made the news several times over the last few weeks, firstly to recount their loss of the PS4 contract as a blessing, and secondly when they explained that they’ve eaten better machines than Sony’s new flagship for breakfast, basically. It’s all a little snappy, and with AMD’s new HD 7790 just announced, competition between the two rivals might never have been fiercer. So what exactly have Nvidia been saying?

To be precise, Nvidia’s Senior Vice President of Content and Development told TechRadar that "Compared to gaming PCs, the PS4 specs are in the neighbourhood of a low-end CPU (central processing unit) and a low- to mid-range GPU (graphics processing unit)." Which, by anyone’s standards, is a bit of a burn. Still, he makes an interesting point, if the ‘next’ generation is already out done, will we see a similar lagging behind of consoles in terms of technical ability right from the off? More concerning still is the idea that this will impact PC gaming to any degree.

Despite these comments, the planned PS4 architecture is still pretty impressive, with its unified 8GB of that currently hard-to-source GDDR5, and a fluidity therein of memory transfer between the central processor and the graphics processor, we’re willing to bet it’ll be able to pack a punch regardless.

With all this talk of out and out power though, are we all getting carried away with ourselves? Looking exclusively at the current/last console generation, the PS3, despite being significantly more powerful than its Microsoft counterpart, paled in comparison for the larger extent of the cycle.

Undoubtedly, PC gamers have long been enjoying the kind of visuals we’re likely to see next generation; have a look at these incredible screenshots that depict Skyrim with an incredible 100 mods plonked on top.

We know. It certainly seems that, with the most recent developments in graphical hardware, the only way to truly experience the pinnacle of gaming excellence now and in the future will be through the latest gaming PCs. Whether we’ll see a more fierce competition next generation, whether the Steam Box will start to bridge the gap, and whether Nvidia will have any regrets over their exclusion from the newest consoles (bearing in mind of course their own portable the Shield and their Cloud Gaming system GRID) all remains to be seen.

What system are you currently using? Are you planning on picking up a next gen console when they purportedly release this Christmas? Or will you simply upgrade or buy a new PC? Put a comment below and let us know, and stay tuned to Vibox for more as we get it!



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