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SimCity introduces a new wave of bugs with patch 2.0

Posted on April 24, 2013 by VIbox There have been 0 comments

AMD have teamed together with Maxis and EA to offer a free copy of SimCity with the purchase of any of their APU Gaming PCs. A few weeks ago we posted an article on the SimCity Nightmare. With the latest release the patch we thought we would give it another go to see how the game has improved.

When Monday evening reached Maxis released their much anticipated patch 2.0 for SimCity which we all hoped would fix the numerous issues out there. Yet this has failed to happen and instead brought along more bugs than before. In some cases players have reported the game is also crashing.

Patch 2.0 is the first major update that SimCity has seen since the games launch back in March this year, and aimed to address many of the issues such as the inexplicable fluctuation of tourists, delays in receiving invitations and the playing of phantom audio. Since the patch's release yesterday, players have taken to EA's forums and Reddit to point out new bugs that may be caused by the patch.

Among other problems there are reported trees making siren noises, sewage overloads, cities reverting to old saves, mass amount of taxis overrunning the city, pollution being magnified, production slowness in Cheetah mode, road textures disappearing and fire services not doing the job correctly. An extensive list collated by Reddit user Imidazole0 can be read here.

Similar problems have been reported on EA's official forums, with players stating that since the patch was released and installed, fire services aren’t putting out fires, the buildings burn but never turn to rubble and even Sims going to work in buildings that have turned to rubble.

EA have yet to respond fully to this latest chaotic release. Are EA and Maxis in too deep with SimCity?

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