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Sony Adds Indie Developer Category To PlayStation Store

Posted on May 9, 2013 by Sean There have been 0 comments

With the huge success of Steams Greenlight service, it comes as no surprise that Sony have jumped on the Indie Developer bandwagon, by adding an Indie Game Category to the PlayStation Store. This bold move almost guarantees a constant stream of fresh, wonderful content to keep everyone occupied.

I’m sure you’ll agree, Indie developers deserve their moment in the spotlight. I have played a lot of genuinely unique and intuitive games over the last few years and news such as this excites me immensely. I’d happily pay outright for an indie game over any “free-to-play” game, where in-game purchases are destroying the sense of achievement. Although it’s not an indie game, I love Diablo 3 (which is due out on PlayStation shortly), but there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a “RMAH Wallet Monkey” with better gear than you. Something which I feel has ruined the in game economy and significantly hastened the onset of boredom for me.

By offering more content with their service, PlayStation is becoming a more attractive choice over XBOX. They may be behind in the sales figures race with Microsoft, but perhaps not for much longer.
To celebrate the launch, they are offering various promotions on a selection of games. We can only hope they don’t murder and bury their Indie section under mountains of adverts, like Xbox Live has.

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